Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Toy Society Project

So i should start my blog with something exciting i thought since this is my very first real blogging post!! How exciting! The toy society is a blog i found recently, thought it was the coolest thing and had to share. is a group of people that make handmade toys and drop them in all different locations around the world with a 'take me home, i'm yours' sticker on them, finders keepers, something for nothing and i think it's brilliant so i am offically a 'dropper' what do you think of Miss Hooty Pa Tutty?

 I couldn't help but drop into The cupcake conspiracy for the best baking i've tasted since my mothers christmas mince pies! Thanks girls! visit them at 157 2nd Av N Downtown Saskatoon 


Yarni Gras! said...

she is for those cupcakes, I REALLY want one!

Tiny and Hunter by Sarah Bartel said...

Thank you i had so much fun making her!!