Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sharing your passion with others is one of the greatest ways to portray what you love. I recently had the pleasure of dining at the New Ground Cafe in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan. It was theme night at New Ground and Owner/Chef Jennifer Willems really threw us a fabulous night! With a theme of Australian and Canadian cuisine we were spoilt with tastes from my two favourite countries.

The large dinner bell rang and softly we heard the call for ‘dinner’.

To begin our recommendation was a delicious warm crab apple cider infused with lemon grass and buffalo berry. A very warm welcome to our cosy homely surrounds.

First course was a potato bacon and sauerkraut soup, served with a generous slice of house made red river bread ( a new ground staple). Served in delicate tea cups it was creamy warm smoky and delicious.

Second course was an ‘aussie rules’ meat pie. The crust was short and flaky with a touch of spice in the meat it was just delicious. Served alongside this was an heirloom carrot and beet salad with dandelion honey vinaigrette and a garlic marmite aioli. This may sound left of feild but balanced out the flavours perfectly. We were served a mint and ginger infused iced tea which was sweet and left that spicy gingery aftertaste that only ginger can do every sip to the end was so yummy!

Before desert Landon Coleman played us some beautiful music. Following him was Zachary Lucky another amazingly talented musician. Both are on tour as we speak, the entire room was mesmerised by the sounds. Their voices just wonderful.

Dessert was a chocolate Pavlova parfait with layers of Saskatoon and raspberries spiked with chai and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon it was to die for and the perfect end to a truly magical evening. After dessert we listened to Zachary play some tunes and at the end of the night we all ended up singing one of the greatest tunes yake a load off fannie. or is that annie or sally, i have heard so many versions!! Jimmy Barnes does a great aussie version!

Jennifer wanted to combine her love of music, art and of course food, which she has executed perfectly. There were beautiful artworks with a forest theme, I will get back to you with the name of the artist it has slipped my mind. From the moment I walked into new ground it felt like a home away from home, my jaw was sore half way through the night from smiling so much, my toes sore from tapping to the music and my belly full.

Thank you to all the lovely people that made it such a wonderful night.

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